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Artem “Tioma” Maloratsky lives and dances tango in New York City. He works at Individual U., dj’s every Monday at Ensueño milonga at the Ukrainian East Village Restaurant, selected Thursdays at La Nacional milonga, selected Tuesdays at La Sala at Triangulo and selected Sundays at Astoria Tango Club.





Richard Lipkin’s Non-Partisan Guide to Argentine Tango in New York City


Recommended Milongas:

Ensueño at the Ukrainian East Village Restaurant (Mondays)

La Nacional (Thursdays)

All-Night Milonga (2nd Saturday of the month)

Astoria Tango Club (Sundays)

La Sala at Triangulo (Tuesdays)


Bodywork-related Links:

         American Center for the Alexander Technique:


Master C.K.Chu (Nei Kung, Tai Chi):


New York Society for Bioenergetic Analysis:


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